How to Write a Press Release

What is a Press Release?

What is a Press Release?

A Press Release or Media Release or Press Statement is an official announcement of some information. This information is published by members of news and media as a first-hand account by the organizers of Press Release. However, This also means the information becomes public and common people have access to that piece of information. Additionally, The tone used in a Press Release is generally formal and the purpose is to spread the information through official channels in a way that is clear and concise.

 A good example can be a company doing a Press Release regarding the launch of a new product or a celebrity announcing/endorsing a new product by becoming a brand ambassador.

The Need for writing a Press Releases

A Press Release is a piece of information and this is important as it serves as a great marketing tool. Also, The information is through official channels, so there is a low chance of miscommunication or misinformation. Direct interaction with the Media gives a lot of coverage to the cause for which the Press Release is organized. The aim of writing a Press Release is to build brand value and add credibility.

Types of writing a Press Releases

A Press Release is of many types according to the information to be circulated. Similarly, It is important to take into account the type of Press Release that is written to make it more effective. Certain variations come into effect with each type as the information is different. These are the types of a Press Release:-

1. Product Launching

This type of Press Release is an announcement of a new product launching. It contains information on the product, its benefit for users, its plus points above the competition, launch date, etc. The format of a Product launch release is pretty much straightforward.

2. Book Releases

As the name suggests, the launch of a new book is done through this kind of Press Release. The author of the book officially releases the book in presence of media persons which starts the journey of the book from the printing press to shelves. Creative 

3. General News Releases

Although, If an organization wins an award or organizes a contest, then it makes sure that this news is in the media through a Press Release. Likewise, it certainly gives a boost to the company’s reputation and credibility. Press note gives information about the award won or category of the contest, a few points about the type of work done to get the accolade, and a thank you note.

4. Event Press Releases

When an event is organized, an Event Press Release is done to spread the word. This is generally done before the event so that the news reaches the people interested and the event becomes a hit. Information about the event such as date, time, venue, costs, guidelines, etc. is given in this type of press note.

5. Partnership Press Releases

When companies form a partnership to start a new venture or even continue the same business together, they organize a Partnership Press release. Sometimes Mergers and Acquisitions are also announced with the help of a Press Release. In this type of Press release after the announcement part, a brief introduction is given about both companies.

6. Business Launch Releases

With the era of start-ups, a Business launch Press release has become more common. Similary, for Product launch but here company name is the primary element. 

7. Executive Press Releases

Executive Press Releases announce the joining of a new employee on the management level. Additionally, It gives a summary about the joining executive regarding career and achievements and the company.

Although, Press Release is a formal task, it is done with certain elements. The picture below should make it clear. This template is an example of a Product launch Press Release.

Executive Press Releases announce the joining of new employees on management level

Press Release Format

 A Press release is not just a piece of information but acts as a marketing tool as well so without a company name, it is not possible to get the information to reach the right people. The company name and logo are written at the top of writing a Press Release.

2. A Headline

The Headline is an important in Format of Press Release and is the reason for which the Press Release is done. The headline gives a clear idea about the subject of the Press Release and is generally kept short, that is one sentence.

3. Date

This Date pertains to the date of the Press Release and is on the corner as per press release format. It makes clear that the information provided will start from or will be applicable from the given date. Whether it is a book launch or product release or event release, the date needs to be mentioned to make the Press release worthwhile.

4. City/State

City/ State gives proper information of the Press release and is effective if the press release is regarding local events or news. If the news is not local still it is good to mention the city to make a proper Press Release. Many times, the city is mentioned along with the date, especially in a general news release.

5. About Organizer/Company

 It gives a brief account of what the company will do, along with the launch date, company logo, etc. it may also contain quotes from the founders as helps connect better with people. Sometimes a touch of informal tone is also part of the press release format to make it more conducive to the general population.

6. Description

The description includes all the details which are not covered in Headline. It is an extension of Headline and details regarding the subject are covered in this. It can have paragraphs or bullet points which depends on the type of Press Release.

7. Contact

Additionally, This is given in types of Press Releases like events release where a call to action is required. Therefore, contact details like the person to be contacted, designation of contact person, phone number, and e-mail id are mentioned.

Dos of writing an effective Press Releases

1. Write a Catchy Headline

 A Press Release is a marketing tool but it should be newsworthy to be picked up by the media. At a same time, A catchy headline would create a buzz around the event of the Press Release and will go a long way in building rapport with people. 

2. Consider Target Audience

When a press release is made, the target audience should be the primary focus. For example – A toy-making company would target parents rather than kids about the launch of a new educational toy. Generally, the company will prompt about the good effects of that company’s toys on kids.

3. Use Keywords

This is the age of the internet and a Press Release will be published online as-well so, using keywords will make it more visible. Good usage of Keywords without stuffing them would be a good option.

4. Keep it Short

 A Press Release should be short and sweet as no one can ponder over details if it is too long. Clear & Brief illustrations will add value to the Press note without making it unnecessarily lengthy.

5. Summary Paragraph

By writing a summary paragraph, the reader’s attention can be grabbed and readers can decide whether the information is relevant to them. A Press Release summary should be no more than five sentences to make it effective. An effective summary is also good for CTAs.

6. Use Visualization

A Press Release is a formal announcement but using visualization is still a go-to strategy in the format of a Press Release. Moreover, Using a template that will cover the details without crowding the words and muted tones with a few highlighted text will give it the required charm. Especially when the visuals are used properly, they will convey the message faster.

7. Quote

Quotes from the founder or senior management of the Press Release organizer are sometimes used to make the press release more interesting as it adds a human element to it. This is generally used in Business launch releases or Award releases.

8. Keep Simple Language

 Keep language simple and straightforward so that everyone can understand it. Also, Getting too mysterious or vague may not go well with the expectations of the media or people. Further, complicated set of words is much more effective by simple writing .

9. Add Images

Writing a press release is a good way to communicate without the need for words by adding Images . Also, one glance at the image will give the reader apt information about the subject of the Press release.

Although, the Press Release format is kept in mind, It can be done effectively . It is a great marketing tool and before starting the writing of a Press Release think of what is the goal of writing the press release. E.g. if the writing of a Press Release is for an event then CTA (Call to Action) should be bold and at the end (not in-between).  Similarly, if the writing of a Press Release is for an Award release then write about the process of getting to the winning point in brief.

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