Day: July 24, 2021

vedic math sutras
Math Lessons

What is Paryavarta Yojayet? Vedic Maths Sutras

Paryavarta Yojayet is another important Vedic Maths Sutra that we are going to learn. Paryavarta Yojayet translates to Transpose and Apply. Transpose means to change the sign of a given number i.e Subtraction becomes Addition and Vice- versa. These numbers are then applied to the process. It is used to divide numbers where the divisor […]

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What is Zugzwang in Chess? A complete guide of Zugzwang

What is Zugzwang?Imagine this, you think you will win this chess match but suddenly you see you’ve been trapped by your opponent in a manner that the next move you make will be disadvantageous to you. Sounds terrible, right? This situation is called zugzwang, it is a German word that means “compulsion to move”. They […]

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