100 Amazing Facts for Kids

Read some unknown facts that will blow your mind and make you think in a very different direction.


Frogs are known to drink water through the skin.

Have you ever thought about how different creatures in this world drink or consume water? No, right. Frogs are different in the way of consuming water. Try to discover about other creatures too.

There are some fish that cough.


Yes, you heard it right. Isn’t it amazing to know?

If a man and a hippopotamus run together, the speed of man is known to be lesser.

Although the weight of the hippopotamus is a lot, it still can beat humans in a race.

The heart of a shrimp is known to be present in its head.

Can you even think that way?

The eye of the ostrich is bigger than one of its organs.

Do you know that its eye is much bigger than its brain? Yes, you heard it right.

A creature with a three heart.

Yes, you read it right. A creature that has a three heart is none other than an octopus.

Have you heard of the term color blind? Do you think an animal can also be color blind?

Colorblind are people or any creature who cannot differentiate between the different shades of colors. Dogs are animals or creatures which are color blind.

A creature that has four stomachs.

A cow. Yes, really has four stomachs.

What would you say if you get to know that you are made up of major water?


Shocking, right? But, it is the truth. The human body is made up of seventy-five percent of water.

What is the major content of the human brain?

It is really shocking that the great human brain which is quite capable among all the creatures is actually made up of eighty percent of water.

Bees are known to have hairs.

Yes, you read it right. Bees do have hair. But the shocking fact is that they have hairs on their eyes.

No word can rhyme with orange and purple.

The planet which is completely made up of gases is Jupiter.

Which fruit bear seed outside?

The only fruit that bears seeds outside is known to be strawberry.

 Were oranges have always been orange?

The answer is no. It is surprising to know that oranges once used to be purple.

Have you ever thought about why apples float?

The first thing is yes apples do float. The reason behind this is that apples contain approximately twenty-five percent of water in them.

Do you think any fruit can bounce?

Yes, this is true. The cranberries that are ripe can really not only bounce like a ball but also float.

Why are clouds white in color?

The reason why clouds are white in color is that they reflect the sunlight.

What vitamin does a rain contain?

Vitamin B12 is the vitamin that rain contains.

Which planet is the only planet that rotates clockwise?

Yes, there is only one planet that does so. It is Venus.

Can you estimate the actual size sun?

The size of the sun is so huge that one million earth can fit into it.

Does the wind have its own sound?

No, it is not true. The wind makes a sound only when it blows against something.

Which animal is the largest living animal on the earth?


The answer to this is Blue Whale.

How does a fox communicate?

A fox majorly uses its tail to communicate. That is, it uses its tail to communicate with other foxes.

What is the salt content in human blood?

It is actually as salty as ocean water.

How strong are the teeth of humans?

It is actually as strong as the teeth of the Shark.

How are humans unique physically from other animals?

The only animal known to have a chin is a human.

Why are honeybees really important for humans?

If honeybees disappear from the earth, humans will likely be dead after approximately four years as bees are the pollinators of planet earth and they help plants survive. 

What is the most important thing for survival after a breath?

Sleep. Yes, you read it right. If a person doesn’t eat, he or she can survive for weeks. But if do not sleep for eleven days, the person can die.

What is equally dangerous as smoking?

Inactivity and Laziness. Yes, this is absolutely true. It can kill people equivalent to smokers.

What is the capacity of the human brain?

It can store five times information as compared to Wikipedia.

What is the ultimate antidepressant?

Smile. Yes, this is really true.

Which animals enjoy spicy food?

It is only and only humans.

How unhygienic are cell phones?

It is highly unhygienic as it is full of bacteria.

Can anyone smell cancer?

Yes, dogs can do the same.

Which creature can detect a bomb?


It is not dogs but bees. Yes, bees are creatures capable to do so.

What can save you from a heart attack?

It is none other than a mid-day nap.

Name a creature who is immortal?

Some species of jellyfish are literally immortal.

Is escaping from prison a crime?

Yes, but not in Mexico. Yes, this is really true.

Do you think or even imagine that you can fuel a car with wine?

Yes, Prince Charles owns such a car.

How many years can a snail sleep?

It can sleep for three years.

What is unique about sloths?

They take approximately two weeks to digest their food.

What distance can skunk cover when they throw their smelly fluid?

They can cover as far as ten feet while spraying.

Which pearls do not have any value?

The pearls made by North American Oysters.

How many hours does a Gorilla sleep?

They sleep approximately fourteen hours per day.

Who among the lions do most of the hunting?

The females cover approximately ninety percent of the same.

How many years does a snail sleep?

Snails can sleep approximately three years.

Which creatures have five hearts?


Earthworms. Yes, this small creature does have five hearts.

Is there any creature that does not have a brain?

Yes, there is. Jellyfish. They are the creatures who have no brain. Literally.

Do you know what is the age of the water we drink?

The oldest know water age is 4.5 billion years.

What is the color of the blood of Grasshopper?

The color of its blood is white.

How many teeth does a mosquito have?

Many. To be precise seventy-two.

Is chocolate toxic for any creature?

Yes, it is poisonous for dogs.

Do you know that you cannot talk in space?

Yes, space is a vacuum and sound needs a medium to travel. Therefore, there is no sound in space.

What is not in your control when you sneeze?

Your eyes. One cannot sneeze with their eye open.

What are tomatoes actually?

Fruits. Yes, they are not vegetables.

How unique is honey?

Bees actually produce it. Moreover, it is the only insect whose produce is consumed by man.

How much honey does an average worker bee produce in her lifetime?

It produces approximately one-twelfth of a teaspoon.

What is the size of a honey bee’s brain?

It is actually oval in shape and is equivalent to the size of a sesame seed. Although its brain is small but is capable of complex calculations of distance, learning, and remembering things.

How do honey bees communicate with each other?


They communicate with each other by dancing.

Which creatures are the largest species of bears?

The largest species are Polar bear.

How can you get the DNA of the Polar bear?

You can extract their DNA even from their footprints. This is in the case of Polar bears.

Do you know how many days can a Polar bear live without eating?

It can live approximately ten days without eating.

What is the favorite food of Polar bears?

Their favorite food is a seal.

What is the color of the fur of a Polar bear?

No, not white. The sin of the polar bear is black and the hair are see through due to it structure. When the bear stands in the sun the light reflects through it making it look white. 

What kind of insects are ants?

Ants are known to be social insects. As ants are known to live in groups and colonies.

How do ants breathe?

Not from lungs. As they don’t have lungs. They breathe from their body. They actually have tiny holes all over their body through which they breathe.

Which desert is the hottest desert in the world?

The hottest desert in the world is actually the Sahara desert.

Which volcano is the largest active volcano in the world?


The largest active volcano is actually Mauna Loa. It is located in Hawaii.

Name any fish which does not have any bones in its body?

Sharks. Their cartilaginous skeletons are much lighter than true bone and their large livers are full of low-density oils, both helping them to be buoyant.

From which family do apples belong?

Surprisingly, apples actually belong to the rose family.

How much time does a pineapple take to grow?

It takes approximately two to three years to grow to its full size.

How many time does the heart of a human beat?

It beats approximately one lakh times a day.

How much saliva does a human mouth produce in a day?

It produces approximately one liter in a day.

How much water does an adult elephant drink in a day?

It drinks approximately two hundred liters of water in a day.

Can you guess the number of living creatures present in one spoon of soil?

A teaspoon of good soil actually consists of approximately several hundred million bacteria.

Which liquid is the only liquid that exists in three physical states at earth’s normal temperature?

Water is the only liquid to exist in the same.

When does water freeze faster?

Water freezes faster when it is warm as compared to when it is cold.

How can you define the sun?

Sun is actually a star. 

Which planet is the hottest planet in the solar system?


Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system with a temperature of approximately four hundred and fifty degrees.

How different are sweet potatoes and potatoes?

It is often a misconception among people that sweet potatoes and potatoes are from the same family due to the similarities in appearance. But they are not. Sweet potatoes come from morning glory family whereas potatoes come from nightshade family. 

Why do onions give tears and irritation to the eyes?

Basically, when the onions are cut, a gas releases which is responsible for causing a stinging sensation to the eyes. So, the body in response produces tears in the eyes to dilute and remove the irritant.

Is Pumpkin fruit or vegetable?

Although pumpkins are considered more into vegetables it is actually a fruit.

Which country is the largest producer of garlic and banana?

China and India respectively are the largest producers of garlic and banana.

What is the speed of the sound in water?

This speed of sound in water is four times as it is in the air.

What is the hardest substance known?

The hardest substance known is diamond.

What is the person known as who studies dinosaurs?

A paleontologist is a person who studies dinosaurs. 

Birds are from which family?

They are descended from the species known as theropods.

Which ocean is the largest ocean on the earth?

The largest ocean on the earth is known to be the pacific ocean.

How does Venus flytrap actually work?

Whenever any insect or creature touches the hairs of the latter, it closes down. In this way, it traps the creature or the insect then dissolves it in the acid, and consumes it.

Are the Olympic gold medals made of gold?

As per Olympic committee the gold medal is made of 92,5 gms silver coated with 6 gms of pure gold. 

What are the living things capable of flight power (Power to fly without outside help)?

Insects, birds, and bats are the only living things capable of flight power.

Which creatures are the only mammal which can achieve a sustained level of flight?

Bats are the only mammals known to do so.

What is the origin of the word energy?

The derivation of the word energy comes from the Greek word ‘Energeia’.

Where is the world’s largest solar power plant?

The world’s largest solar power plant is present in the United States of America. And it is actually the Mojave desert.

Where is the world’s largest hydroelectric power station?

The world’s largest hydroelectric power station is actually in China. It is actually the Three Gorges Dam.

What is the function of red blood cells in our body? Where are they created?

The Red blood cells or the RBCs are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Moreover, the body produces it inside the bone marrow of our bones.

Which desert is the world’s largest desert?

The Sahara desert in Africa is actually world’s largest desert. It actually covers approximately one-third of the continent as it is spread out over 10 countries.

Which river is the longest river on earth?


The Nile river is actually the same. It is approximately six thousand six hundred ninety-six kilometers long.

Which waterfall is the largest waterfall in the world?

Niagara Falls are the same and it is located on the border of the United States of America and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Name some weird facts for kids to know?

  • When we lie, our nose usually gets warm.
  • You cannot sneeze and keep your eyes open simultaneously.

What are the facts that will make you crazy?

  • The only animals who enjoy spicy food are humans.
  • Also, the only animals whose brain shrinks are humans.
  • The fruit which cannot reproduce are bananas.
  • Termite is known to be the longest-living insect.

What are some random fact to know?

  • Have you ever heard of cats allergic to humans? Yes, some are.
  • Have you ever wondered of what the brain is actually made up of? It is majorly fat.
  • Can you ever imagine that water can kill you? Yes, too much consumption can.
  • Have you ever wondered any other creature having names for each other? Yes, Dolphins do have.

Is there any creature that does not have a brain?

Yes, there is. Jellyfish. They are the creatures who have no brain. Literally.

What are some interesting facts to know?

  • The planet which makes a humming sound constantly is Mars.
  • Water exists not only on earth but also on the moon.

Some of the common facts are also given in the table below:-

1.Fastest gust of wind ever recorded on earthTwo hundred and fifty-three miles
2.Best place in the world to see the rainbowsHawaii
3.The places where you cannot buy Coca-ColaNorth Korea and Cuba
4.The world’s quietist roomLocated at Microsoft’s headquarters in Washington state
5.The coldest planet ever recorded-144 degrees Fahrenheit
6.The world’s most earthquake prone countryJapan
7.The most popular name in the worldMohammad
8.The youngest country in the worldSouth Sudan
9.The country with the maximum number of islands in the worldSweden
10.The most common bird on the earthThe red-billed quelea
11.The most bike-friendly city in the worldCopenhagen
12.The global adult literacy rateapproximately eighty-six percent
13.World’s largest city in the worldTokyo
14.The most widely printed book in historyThe ikea catalog
15.The largest snowflake recordFifteen inches wide
16.The largest living organismAspen Grove in Utah
17.The longest river in the worldRiver Nile
18.The deepest freshwater lake in the worldLake Baikal
19.The largest waterfall in the worldNiagara Falls












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