Day: November 2, 2021

Personality Development

7 Amazing Benefits of Reading Daily to Children

Have you ever wondered why do we read? Why have humans since ages sought refuge in the inanimate enlightening leaflets? Why do we put so much emphasis on reading? We have our own reasons to read. Some read to expand their horizons, while some simply like to engage in reading for pleasure. No matter what […]

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7 Greatest Indian Chess Grandmasters of all time

Chess is one of the world’s most famous games. A million people over the world play it. Therefore, the craze for Chess is comparable to any other popular sporting event. However, while people know about a few choice names when it comes to Chess grandmasters, they stumble in going any farther than Magnus Carlsen, Viswanathan Anand, […]

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Art and Craft

Best Rangoli Ideas for Diwali to Jazz up Decoration

We’re bursting with festive excitement because…Diwali is around the corner! This beautiful festival and is all about lights and sweets (and, cleaning…oh, the inevitable. *sigh*). Since we are up to all the hustle and bustle to make our homes look resplendent in all the festive glory, we can’t give intricate and captivating Rangoli ideas a […]

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The Narrative World: How Stories Can Prompt Learning?

Have you ever found yourself unable to recall what you learned on the previous day? Or have you dozed off in a class booming with your teacher’s explanation? Most of the time when such incidents happen, it is termed to be the child’s lack of interest or attention in class. But, is that always true? […]

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online classes

Online Classes: How to Keep your Child Focused in Online Classes?

What should you do if you’re having trouble concentrating in your online classes? Given that everything is online, how do you create a balance between schoolwork and personal life? In an online class, what are some tactics for preventing procrastination and maintaining focus?Online classes have been increasingly popular in recent years, which is indeed predictable […]

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