7 Amazing Webtoons for kids.

“Webtoons” ,also known as “Manhwa” are nothing but basically digital comics which are originated in south Korea and are meant to be read in smartphones.

The webtoons are getting popular day by day not only in Korea but throughout the globe. 

There are lot of popular webtoons that are famous worldwide like ‘Let’s play’ or ‘Remarried empression’ etc.

But not all of these are okay for kids or teens to watch. Here we are going to talk about some of the webtoons which are appropriate for children to watch. 

Webtoons for kids. 

1-Super secret 

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Released in 2015 in Korea, Super secret is a kid’s friendly Webtoon and has 139 episodes 

The story revolves around Emma and Ryan, who are best friends from a long time.  Ryan, who lives next door cares for Emma so much just like a mother. 

But as the title reflects, there is some secret in the story, and that secret is that Ryan is actually a werewolf alongwith a supernatural family.

The story is fun and interesting to read with so many secrets and plot twists inside. This story is a perfect combination of comedy, fantasy and romance. Super secret is without any doubt good and appropriate for your kids

2-Orange Marmalade 

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A world where Vampires and Humans live together and there is a discrimination against the vampires as because of their love for human blood. 

And the story of  this Webtoon revolves around Mari, who is a vampire and got bullied because of this in her previous schools.

But when she got admission in high school, she decides to hide her true identity as a vampire. 

Then the twist started when she falls in love with the most popular guy at school who hates vampire. There are 119 episodes and the status of this Webtoon is completed.

This Romance Webtoon is fun to watch and the content is appropriate for your kids. 

Watching this Webtoon with your kids is a good way to Know these Benefits of Effective Parent-Child Communicationwith them and have fun. 

3-Refund High School 

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Refund high school’s plot revolves around the concept of Afterlife and a teen girl who dies during her school life.

But off course she is not happy with her end as she don’t want to die without making any boyfriend and enjoy her life. 

So she gets two choices by the grim reaper.

First one is to reincarnate as an animal or to go to the refund high school to change her fate. 

And here her life changes when she met new friends at the school.

As I don’t want to give you spoilers, I’m nit going to tell you more, but you should definitely watch this Webtoon which is full of entertainment, fantasies and amazing characters. 

4-True Beauty

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Being pretty feels good, but being not pretty is worst. What do you think? 

Off course this is wrong but this is the mentality of majority of People all over the world. 

The Webtoon True beauty talks about the story of a girl who gets bullied in her school just because she is ugly. 

But when she gets opportunity to change her school, she uses that opportunity and learn makeup and completely change herself for her new school by makeup. 

Things takes turn when she cross roads with 2 popular guys of the school who are enemy of each other. 

This story teaches a great lesson to us that ‘being pretty is good’ is nothing but just a myth.

You will get everything in this comic ,from comedy, romance to emotional scenes.

5-A great day to be a dog 

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A perfect fairy tail or we can say a ‘dog tail’ is the Webtoon A great day to be a dog is.

Don’t mind my humor and lets talk about the story of this Webtoon. 

With 88 chapters, the story is about our main character ‘Hana’ whose family is cursed and she is going to turn into a dog after her first kiss. 

And the solution for that is to get a second kiss from the same person in the dog state. 

But the problem is that the person for Hana is scared of dogs. So will Hana manages to become a human again? 

‘A great day to be a dog’ is a  perfect entertaining Webtoon for kids and for teenagers and girls too who like fantasy genre

6-Your Letter

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‘Your letter’ is a Webtoon with just 10 episodes. But it is really wonderful and a roller coaster ride of emotions

The story revolves around Sori who changed her school after getting bullied by other kids because of helping her friend. 

But in the new school she is not able to talk to anyone because of the incidents of last school.

Soon she gets a letter from an unknown friend and things take a turn. 

The end of story will make you happy and emotional at the same time.

7-July found by chance

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Imagine one day you realizes that something is wrong with you, you are forgetting things and at the same time you can see the future. 

You are realizing that time suddenly jumps from one day to other or even to next week and you don’t even remember what happened in that slot of time. 

This is what is happening to our Main character of this Webtoon, Dan oh who realizes after all these incidents that she is a character in a comic book and the sad thing is that she is just a side character.

Her fate according to the writer is marrying someone who don’t like her and death at the end of the comic. 

But off course she is not happy with her fate, and she starts to change her fate and find her true love between all the chaos. 

This Webtoon will make you happy and emotional at the same time. 

This Webtoon got adapted as a Korean drama named ‘extraordinary you’ starring Kim Hye yoon and Rowoon.

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